COMSOL Conference 2023

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Our team will attend the COMSOL Conference 2023 in Munich to give a presentation entitled “Electrochemomechanical simulations of 3D-resolved solid-state lithium-ion battery cells“, a talk about our latest achievements in modelling of solid state battery cells.


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Gemmate will actively participate in the two-days LCBAT12019 cluster final event in Grenoble, in which ASTRABAT, SUBLIME, SOLiDIFY and SAFELiMOVE EU-funded projects aim to connect the public and key stakeholders in the field of All-Solid-State Battery Technologies.

Our team will share the SOLiDIFY experience in terms of modelling and, sustainability and recycling.

Learn more in: Onepage-lcbat12019 – LCBAT12019 (

Transport Research Arena 2022

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On Wednesday, the SOLiDIFY project will be represented by the coordination group from IMEC at Transport Research Arena 2022 in Lisbon.

The projects’ progress, next steps and goals towards Gen. 4b batteries will be shared in the session dedicated to the LC-BAT-1 Cluster. In particular, during the topical session on Testing, Validation and Simulation, our latest achievements in 3D modelling of solid state battery cell will be shared.