Technology, whose importance to domestic economic development has been widely recognized, has become the main strategy for competition across nations. With the rise in knowledge-based economies and the fast pace of technology development worldwide, there is a growing trend to adopt high-end technologies in existing and new products. From its significant commitment in research and innovation, Gemmate Technologies develops, for identified clients, high-end technologies to increase the added value of its products:

Advanced mechanical components of complex shape and structuring – constraint free design

  • Special fasteners, seals, gears, junctions – light metal alloys, techno-polymers, biopolymers, hybrids
  • Lightweight structures for e-mobility
  • Battery pack housing engineering and integration

Plastic and polymer matrix composite devices

  • Piezoresistive sensors: pressure, fluid-flow, smart strain gauges
  • Shape memory sensors and actuators
  • Plastic MEMS

Electrochemical devices

  • Storage devices
  • Harvesters and heat/energy conversion devices