• Project title: Liquid-Processed Solid-State Li-metal Battery – development of upscale materials, processes and architectures
  • Project acronym: SOLiDIFY
  • Start date: Juanuary 1st, 2020
  • Duration: 48 months
  • Call: H2020-LC-BAT-2019
  • Type of action: RIA (Research and Innovation Action)

The SOLiDIFY project proposes a unique manufacturing process and solid-electrolyte material to fabricate Lithium-metal solid-state batteries – known as Gen. 4b on the EU battery roadmap. The concept is based on a solid nanocomposite electrolyte or nano-SCE. It is made by a sol-gel reaction which is used advantageously for a liquid-to-solid approach in the fabrication of the composite cathode and the solid-electrolyte separator. The general strategy to reach the target energy density of 1200Wh/L (400Wh/kg) in 20 minutes charging time is: (1) enabling the integration of high-energy NMC active materials and (2) development of new electrode architectures for high mass loading and enabled by the liquid-to-solid approach. An added imposed challenge is a water-based cell assembly process. To this end, suitable protection of the highenergy NMC powder with ALD thin-film coatings is pursued. Finally, thin lithium foils with protective artificial interphase coatings will be developed for lamination on the nano-SCE separator. The main goal of SOLiDIFY is to bring the liquid-processed solid-state cell fabrication concept from demonstration in the lab (TRL3) to demonstration of prototypes in pilot line (TRL6), with upscaling of the concept both towards (1) the development of manufacturable materials and processes and (2) the discovery of full cell assembly schemes with ultimate demonstration of 1Ah pouch cells. The material research will focus on (1) solutions enabling the upscaling process and manufacturability and (2) further improvement of cell integration steps to enhance performance. Manufacturable parameters such cost, environmental impact and recycling will also be handled. The larger scope of the SOLiDIFY project entails the development of a novel and potentially European-lead solid-state battery technology with fully covered EU value chain.

Our role

Gemmate Technologies contributes to increase the physics-based modelling and simulation capabilities for solid-state batteries. In particular, Gemmate Technologies develops a 3D multi-physics model of the battery cell based on the finite element approach. The model aims to simulate thermal, electrochemical and mechanical phenomena, analyse aging mechanisms, and, being parametrized, it will be used for sensitivity analysis and optimization.

Concerning the outlook pillar, Gemmate Technologies leads the environmental impact and sustainability assessment of the full battery life cycle taking into account the materials and processes investigated in the project.


The SOLiDIFY consortium represents a healthy balance between SME, LE and non-profit organizations spreading the battery value chain over 7 different member states. This balanced mix of industrial and research partners specialized in specific and complementary areas enables both innovation opportunities and an optimal exploitation route.