Gemmate Technologies innovates existing products and develops new ones from science and technology advances. Innovation needs a high level of individual freedom. Gemmate Technologies assures freedom within its organization on the one hand while, on the other hand, frames the developments within planned, controllable, and structured processes. This includes the definition of strategies and goals, decision making, the determination and influencing of information flows, the creation and shaping of social relationships, and the implementation of the decision made. High-level and long-term goals are key factors for success. Goals are broad, directional, and fundamental to the mission achievement and, as such, they may remain the same year after year. The source of innovation considered are numerous. In most cases it is the result of a technical change/invention (technology push) or it can be induced by a rising and unsatisfied market/user need (market/demand pull). To accomplish its mission, all promising technology addressed, Gemmate puts into practice the following actions:

  • Careful investigation and understanding of the related IPR to enhance knowledge and identify possible bottlenecks where novel IPR can be generated
  • Developments of methodologies and standards
  • Value chain engineering and market analysis
  • To increase the technology readiness level (TRL), ad hoc specimen are designed (modelling included where needed), manufactured, and tested according to standards specifically defined for the purpose
  • Defining processes and product business cases for different industrial sectors – from low volume to high volume production to promote market penetration – finding new clients and businesses
  • Designing, development, testing, and final assessment of demonstration prototypes
  • Patenting and co-designing with identified clients
  • Training and talents selection