In order to create IPR and master the technologies enabling high profit innovation, Gemmate Technologies focuses its efforts on the upscaling and application of proven scientific and technological discoveries promising to impact on Europe relevant industrial sectors. The research and innovation choices done by the company come from punctual business analyses of the strategic roadmaps planning the future innovation of industrial sectors identified to have large margin for product unit. This choice was done to allow an effective and sustainable penetration of novelties in the marketplace.  It is expected that markets with larger volume / unit-margin ratio will benefit of the Gemmate work in a second moment when most of the research investments will be mostly paid back. The major subjects of investigation of the company are listed here:

Modelling, simulation, and design

  • Materials modelling: single and multiscale
  • System multi-physics modelling
  • Mechanical design (CAE, topological optimization) – standard and constraint free (enabled by additive manufacturing)
  • System design: control electronics and signal conditioning, architecture optimization, network and communication

Material synthesis and processing

  • Metal additive and hybrid manufacturing
  • Surface functionalization
  • Chemical and electrochemical synthesis
  • Metal and ceramic powder sintering
  • Inks and inkjet printing

Plastic electronics

  • Flexible substrates
  • Compatible with polymer back injection
  • Compatible with additive manufacturing

Life Cycle Engineering

  • Cradle to Cradle design and engineering
  • Enviromental and economic impact assessment
  • Material recovering and recycling route definition
  • Critical raw material substitution design and engineering