Zygmunt Bauman theorized the concept of liquid modernity as a rapidly changing order undermining all notions of durability; it implies a sense of rootlessness to all forms of social construction. In the field of development, such a concept challenges the meaning of modernization as an effort for establishing long lasting structures, and opens up to new flexible manufacturing concepts paving the way for a significant step change from the established Ford industrial paradigm.

Gemmate Technologies was founded with the scope of creating profit from the innovation of existing products, by co-working/consulting with established large enterprises and with venture capitalists and/or small medium enterprises for launching new products to second the demands of an always more liquid modern society.  Much of our work is grounded in science and technology development from the seeds generated in research laboratories up to their up-scaled adoption in the manufacturing.  To this end, we consider the EU’s research and innovation programmes the key tool for ramping up and the EIT the suitable opportunity for attracting and training on the job the European and foreign mostly skilled brains.

Willing to grow from knowledge in a sustainable way we constantly search for talented people open to flexibility and wishing to be “engaging, always”, people firmly committed in helping our mission pursuit.

The heart of everything we make are human factors and this is what we are seeking for

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We search for people dynamic, creative, and looking at the future, open-minded and prone to brainstorming, collaborative to promote skill diversity and cross-contamination, pragmatic and accountable to sieve promising ideas and make them come true.

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