SOMA kick-off meeting

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Gemmate is a partner of SOMA – Lightweight solutions for e-mobility by Additive Manufacturing of soft magnetic alloys, a new project supported by EIT Raw Materials. Find out more.

MAESTRO free workshop

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MAESTRO project has offered to many industrials to apply to the contest. Among the candidates, only one have been chosen as the winner. Its name and proposed part will be announced at the MAESTRO workshop day: July 11th 2019 at IPC (2 rue pierre et marie curie 01100 Bellignat, France). The workshop flyer can be downloaded here. It is a free event. This event is 2 months before the end of the project. So, it is your last chance to meet all the partners and discover what has been done in this 3-years project. Why you should come to the demosntration day?

► Presentations of the 5 demonstrators of the project involving automotive, aerospace, railway and packaging sector.

► Live demonstrations of injection with conformal cooling mold, hybrid manufacturing, filament deposition of MIM feedstock and monitoring for DMLS process on EOS M290 machine.

► Announcement of the contest winner and presentation of the part.

► Presentation of the project results.

► Discover IPC, the French technical centre of plastics and composites.

► Free event

Feel free to contact us by email: or via the LinkedIn page MAESTRO project EU  or visit the website.

SAMOA kick-off meeting

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Gemmate Technologies took part in the kick-off meeting of SAMOA – Sustainable Aluminium additive Manufacturing fOr high performance Applications. SAMOA, led by Luleå University of Technology, is a new project supported by EIT Raw Materials. Find out more.

Si-DRIVE kick-off meeting

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One week to go to the Si-DRIVE kick-off meeting, which will be hosted by University of Limerick on March 21-22. Si-DRIVE will tackle the major barriers to EV uptake, which relate to driving range, cost and recharge times, by completely re-imagining the lithium ion battery.

MAESTRO contest

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In the framework of the European project MAESTRO (Modular laser-based additive manufacturing platform for large scale industry) the consortium intends to demonstrate the MAESTRO platform capabilities on a 5th demonstrator. Companies are invited to propose case studies for future products to be manufactured by the MAESTRO technologies. The proposals will be evaluated (vs. economical, technical and societal criteria) and ranked by the project partners. For the best proposal, the fabrication process will be characterised with respect to industrialisation, i.e. throughput, throughput time, process parameter control, yield, cost. Free prototyping of the products will be proposed to the winner of the contest.

For further informations visit