New projects – Stay tuned!

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2022 bring to an end with a copious number of new ideas and activities. Below a foretaste of the new projects in which we get involved for the next years:

  • Flexcrash – Flexible and hybrid manufacturing of green aluminium to produce tailored adaptive crash-tolerant structures (Flexcrash-project) (LinkedIn)
  • SUINK – SUstainable self-charging power systems developed by INKjet printing (SUINK-project) (LinkedIn)
  • FENICE – Fire resistant Environment-frIendly CompositEs (EIT Raw Materials FENICE )
  • SOREC2 -SOlar Energy to power CO2 REduction towards C2 chemicals for energy storage (CORDIS | European Commission)
  • HEDASupercap – High Energy Density Asymmetric hybrid supercapacitors for applications in consumer goods and electrification (HEDASupercap project)
  • PoSAddive – Power Sheet Additive Manufacturing

We will contribute with our expertise in modelling and design, use case development, business case definition, and LCA and LCC.

More details coming soon!