Job title: LCA modelling of emerging technologies

Job description: Gemmate Technologies is a technological enterprise that innovates existing products and develops new ones from science and technology advances. In the frame of its wide international collaboration network with public and private research organizations and enterprises potential businesses are evaluated, novel production solutions developed from early-stage research to commercialization in the frame of the circular economy paradigm, by up-scaling the key enabling technologies throughout the production value chains of the most profitable sectorial fields.

From an LCA point of view, re-engineering of processes and products starting from emerging technologies will involve both process/product specific technology modelling as well as gaining an understanding of the wider context where this technology will operate. Therefore, you are expected to discuss with clients for understanding their needs to optimize processes and/or develop new products, helping them to understand how solving their business and design problems, and how they can benefit from Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing and Eco Design solutions to cut resources use and fostering sustainable transition. You will work with us on methodological development in LCA, establishing a framework for modelling emerging solutions and technologies and their interaction with the surrounding related market. You will be in a pivotal role for helping us to succeed in the medium-long term; we expect you can also contribute with new insights and ideas to research directions and support us in the acquisition of public and private funding.

Aiming at a long-lasting relationship, we are searching for the right person to invest on, to complement / enrich our technical staff – relatively young and heterogeneous – to pursue the growth roadmap and fulfil its mission. In the short term, you will be primarily involved in the execution of collaborative research projects funded by European Commission where the next generation of rechargeable Li-ion batteries are developed (SOLiDIFY EU project). You will contribute to assess the emissions and the mass/energy balance related to different materials and processes options considered in the project.

Your primary tasks will be to:

  • Consolidate and communicate data needs with project partners
  • Conduct prospective environmental assessments of next generation rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • Develop inventory models for emerging technologies, and upscale data up to industrial scale
  • Development modelling for emerging technologies and systems
  • Participate in project meetings
  • Analyse and disseminate results through communication for stakeholders and peer-to-peer publications

Your expertise:

  • You possess a solid scientific background, preferably in Chemical and Sustainable Processes Engineering, Environmental and Land Engineering, or related disciplines. Candidates with PhD will be closely evaluated.
  • You have knowledge in life cycle assessment (e.g. LCA, LCC) and experience in the assessment of technologies.
  • You have experience in using software for life cycle assessment modelling and corresponding databases.
  • You have experience with working with large amount of data
  • You enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams

We offer to work in a multidisciplinary and dynamic environment in which you will have the chance to deal with different domains like additive and hybrid manufacturing, energy conversion and storage, and devices for IoT.

Job location: Turin, Italy.

Contact person: Alessio Tommasi, PhD; e-mail: