Job title: design of polymers and advanced composite materials

Job description: Gemmate Technologies ( is a technological enterprise which innovates existing products and develops new ones from science and technology advances. In the frame of its wide international collaboration network with public and private research organizations and enterprises potential businesses are evaluated, novel production solutions developed from early-stage research to commercialization in the frame of the circular economy paradigm, by up-scaling the key enabling technologies throughout the production value chains of the most profitable sectorial fields.

In a plurality of industrial sectors, such as: transportation (e.g. structural parts of cars, ships, airplane, etc.), energy (e.g. wind blades, sea turbines), biomedical, sport & leisure, composite materials are always more intensively used. The drivers of the expansion are the demand for high-performance and lightweight composites due to stringent regulations towards, e.g., less polluting vehicles or save weight. Emission targets are leading to develop lighter-weight, affordable composite structures, and components at higher volumes. Current solutions about weight reduction are affected by performance and safety issues, therefore industry urgently need new structural materials, ensuring lower weight and other functionalities like higher fire resistance and self-diagnosis.

To address this fundamental gap, we search an engineer, or a PhD, having interest/expertise in designing of composites materials. Composites are complex material systems due to their multiscale nature. Such complexity needs to be tackled by using Multiscale and Multiphysics predictive models, and various failure analyses.

In the short-term you will use your background and develop the missing skills by working in the frame of a Horizon Europe funded collaborative research projects on a specific use-cases identified for the automotive industry. While in the mid-term we expect you will be in a pivotal position to help with new insights and ideas for the future launch of product of this type.

Your primary tasks will be to:

  • Data needs swap with colleagues and project partners
  • Understanding the composite physical properties, and final product manufacturing
  • Understanding the use case requirements and constraints
  • Material and process engineering by Multiscale and Multiphysics modelling
  • Contribute to the demonstrator development
  • Demonstrator testing and evaluation of results
  • Analyse the IPR patenting, and disseminate the results through communication for stakeholders and peer-to-peer publications

Your expertise:

  • You possess a solid scientific background in Mechanical or Materials Engineering, or related disciplines. Candidates with PhD will be closely evaluated.
  • You have knowledge on numerical modelling of composite materials.
  • Experience in COMSOL and Digimat will be considered a plus.
  • You have skills in material testing and failure analysis.
  • You have interest in novel technologies and enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams

Job location: Turin, Italy.

Contact person: Alessio Tommasi, PhD; e-mail: